So when does the healing start?

With all the turmoil in the fiscal world the words “double dip” have been thrown around the media, leaving most of us to respond “I’m not so certain we’re even headed out of the first dip yet.”  Add to that while we have been in an economic recession we have sunk into a national depression.  Just look around you, it is apparent that anyone not wealthy is depressed right now to different degrees.

From the middle class on down people report losing sleep worrying; no job really feels secure anymore; their appetites and diets have changed, especially with ever climbing food costs; tempers are becoming quicker as frustration with our leadership is at its highest ever; and most significantly people are reporting overwhelming feelings of helplessness and a loss of hope.  Helplessness is the killer.  Helplessness leads people to do irrational things.

There is a cure for our national depression.  It’s the same one that cures depression individually.  We the people must become proactive in our government.  We have to get off the couch and vote out every single politician that isn’t getting the job done, which unfortunately is the overwhelming majority of them.  And thankfully, starting in 2008 it would appear that more and more voters have woken up to the reality that is our government, and they are voting accordingly.  Now those of us that are aware and vigilantly paying attention with both eyes wide open just have to keep waking up the people around us until the majorities, the true majority, have had our say.

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